Prime Negative


Gvori Just Vodka

Director: Gabrielle Paciorek
Creative Director/Producer: Frederick Ross
Production Company: Prime Negative
Prime Negative Responsibilities: Previs, Directing, Live-Action, Editing, VFX

A vodka so pure and tasty, you could drink it solo. No garnishes. No ice. No mixers. That was the idea behind this Gvori spot. We wanted to deconstruct a cocktail before the viewers’ eyes, leaving the best part: the vodka. We knew we wanted a clean sparkly look from the beginning, but we needed to find the best techniques to realize our deconstructed cocktail concept. After planning with storyboards, animatics, and test shoots, we decided the best course was to shoot the lime and ice practically, while adding the liquid in post. We constructed a small motion control rig to lift the lime and ice cubes into the air while filming, giving us the speed and rotation we were looking for on set. All the liquid in this piece was then digitally rendered and composited into the footage.

Behind the Scenes